GPS tracking is based on GPS satellite positioning system and GSM/GPRS communication system. GPS system consist of 24 satellites located around the Earth orbit that can provide accurate position information anywhere on the planet, even under under dynamic conditions. System’s locating precision can be kept within 10 meters depending on weather and sorrounding enviroment. The other part of tracking system, GSM/GPRS communicating network, is used to send the position report (in form of longitude and latitude coordinates) back to user. One way is to send coordinates back via SMS. You just go to the internet, put the coordinates into the Google Earth map and it will give you an exact reading. Other way is to send information via GPRS by building a real-time server and setting the server IP and port to the GPS tracking device. That way customer can see the device on map real-time. GPS tracking devices can be used for many different applications: vehicle tracking, personel tracking, pet tracking etc.

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