With today’s technology there are many ways to reach customers including email marketing and SMS based marketing. Digital marketing expert David Wachs, along with many others, suggests SMS should be the best practice in reaching customers on a quick daily bases. Studies show that SMS based marketing – including coupons, promotions and similar – is redeemed up to 8 times more frequently than email promotions. Furthermore, the open rate of text-based promotions is as high as 98% in comparison to only 22% of emails. Using SMS to communicate to your customers guarantees you a better reach.


However, telecommunication providers often take advantage of high prices of texts, making it financially unprofitable for companies to use this medium of mass communication. Delta Usluge offers unique broadcasting options to suit your specific needs, allowing you to send bulk or targeted individualized SMS to your existing and potential customers, partners, and colleagues worldwide at an affordable price that fits your budget.


Our SMS programs can be customized to whatever your needs are. Whether you wish to use them for promotional purposes, or individualized communication with customers and employees, we are able to meet your needs and standards.


Benefits of using Delta Usluge SMS service:

  • Cheaper in comparison to individual calls to follow up on customers
  • Significantly higher open rate than emails (98% for SMS in comparison to 22% for email)
  • 5 times higher response rates than direct email marketing
  • Reach your target audience within minutes, since most of the population have their cellphones within arms reach 24 hours a day.


Examples of what you can use Delta Usluge SMS service for:

  • Retail – Any promotions, offers, coupons you with to provide your potential or existing customers with
  • Recruitment – Alerting job seekers with new job openings
  • Banking – Updating on bank balance and portfolio performance
  • Travel – Alerting travelers with their flight changes or delays
  • Auctions – Alerting bidders of a higher bidder
  • Membership clubs – Informing clients of hot events


All our customers are offered our GSM databases which vary in categorization depending on the targeted country (age, location, gender, occupation). Whether you are looking to acquire, retain customers or inform existing ones with targeted promotions and offers, we are here to provide you with a perfect solution to fit your needs.



Cost of SMS packages vary on the number of required SMS and targeted operators. We offer SMS coverage to more than 400 operators worldwide. Please contact us in order to provide you with an estimated quote depending on your needs: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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