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Allowed the modern technological means more than one way to reach customers such as your e-mail marketing and marketing short messages.

Expert in the digital shopping "David Wax" and many others believe that SMS must be the best to reach customers on a daily basis means.

Studies have shown that SMS marketing, which includes coupons and discounts, etc., use more than one e-mail eight times.

That the percentage of open and read these short messages is 98% compared with 22% for e-mail. Use SMS to communicate with customers ensures access to them better. So often turn telecommunications network specialists to raise the prices of texts to suggest to companies that use this medium is not profitable to them.

Delta Usluge company provides a variety of choices to broadcast messages to suit your specific needs, including sending a public message or special text message to your customers' existing or potential, or to your partners, around the world at affordable prices suit your budget.

Short e-mails of our programs can be adjusted according to your needs: to be used for propaganda purposes, or to communicate with your customers and employees. Are adaptable to suit your needs and your standards.

The benefits of using electronic short messaging service

-Cost is cheaper compared with the cost of individual communications made with each client.
-Read and open the top of the e-mail rate (98% for SMS, compared with 22% for e-mail).
-The response rate for these messages is five times higher than the e-mail marketing.
-Allows access to the target group within minutes, including that most people have cell phones and use them.

Examples of the use of short positions electronic messaging service

  • Sale: Display of any commodity, promotions, discounts, gift vouchers to current or potential customers.
  • Employment: the announcement of Jobs or seek for candidate.
  • Banks: Update bank account and file banking performance.
  • Travel: informing travelers with information about their travels and emergency modifications of delay and change.
  • Auction: informing bidders of the most important auctions.
  • Clubs: Customer notification of significant events and activities.

Your clients will be provided with all primary information (G.S.M Database) with multiple classifications according to the country intended (age, location, gender, profession). If you want to get new clients or do you want to keep your current clients or inform them of certain discounts and promotions task, we believe you the best solution to fit your needs.


The cost of short e-mails package vary according to the number of messages and the operator. We believe coverage for more than 400 operators around the world. For the cost of an approximate depending on your need, please contact us at the following link: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Network Services

Our specialist is always ready to design an effective network suit your needs, and it stands for your valuable time and help you avoid the costly mistakes. Our services include website monitoring, existing cables or subsidiary organs of planning, in addition to providing advice and guidance on the latest developments in technology and service maintenance in the future.

Project Management

Delta usluge company is keen not to display your work for any obstruction or problems during the installation period. The project managers are expert and trained heavily to prepare a detailed project allows you to carry on your work as usual in the company during the period of each installation and service to your customers without facing difficulties plan.


You can be sure to get the highest degree of support in terms of high-speed network, and everything fits international quality standards. Installation and experience all the network cables and a driver and effective tools. All of these facilities have to ensure that certificates. During the supervision of the quality of work we process effective testing and ongoing monitoring through all the process before, during and after installation.

Development and Growth

In case you require to develop and modernize your network, Delta usluge company provides development and improvement in your network speed to avoid service interruption and loss of time and mistakes. For details of the project to fit your needs for Delta Usluge team workers will ensure that you update and develop the most effective plan through a careful analysis of the current problems and confront your devices communication network, as an example.

Wireless Networking

Delta Usluge company is following the latest technology with interest, and this is what allows you to get the best services, and wireless network several benefits:

  • Failure to get changes in your devices.
  • Save time required by the laying of cables.
  • The ability to link between the separate and distant places.
  • Facilitate secure communications with cell phones and other devices.

In case of existing fixed cables, wireless network can be added directly what allows you to take advantage of the extensions of the network with low cost.

Virtual Private Network (V.P.N)

DELTAUSLUGE can create a low-cost communication system around the world, and according to the international standards of electronic communication, what allows you to reducing the cost of communications, which usually take place between offices and with clients and users. These networks locked dramatically, and allows you the possibility of absolute control of all communications.

Ethernet / IP Based Solution

All services provided by Delta Usluge company individually designed for each client, Our own experts will work closely with you to find the most effective and appropriate for your budget and your own needs. Delta Usluge company able to provide the best Internet services and Intranet, which is the optimal solution around the world in servicing clients as an example Saudi bin Laden's service, the Saudi National Guard, Orascom, Al Ahli Bank, Riyad Bank, ITC, Hamid Foundation Services, Sunset metals, Damas, and many others .

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