DELTAUSLUGE had been established since 2007, (with 1,520,000HRK as principle that is equivalent to 300,000$ fully paid), as a joint venture connecting the Croatian and KSA experiences. DELTAUSLUGE has expanded its work field to include KSA, Arab Gulf States, and the Middle East after it acquires the European and the American customers’ satisfaction.  Due to its expanded experience in such domain and having the ability to progress that others can’t, DELTAUSLUGE has been spread widely.

DELTAUSLUGE offers you: video surveillance, GPS tracking solutions, controllers, video servers, stand-alone DVRs, PC-based DVRs, router boards, wireless solutions, wireless cards, wireless antennas, SMS service, cables and accessories. Our expert team is seeking to discover new techniques to improve the business through expanding the products and service portfolio. In addition, it develops new and improved approaches to eliminate obstacles in order to achieve good results on daily basis. On the other hand, DELTAUSLUGE  is aiming to satisfy the growing market demand for efficient communication solutions as well as it formulates its offers in order to suit the demands of each client.
DELTAUSLUGE utilizes an individual approach in order to provide every client's repose. Here some of our clients such as: National Guard Hospital, National Bank, Riyadh Bank, Binladen Group, Maaden Group, and many other companies found in KSA. DeltaUsluge is a mother company for more than one, DeltaLebanon is one of them where provide all kind of network support services .

Some of our accomplished projects:

  • Connecting all Bin Laden's Sites and providing it with internet through the latest electronic means.
  • Connecting and transferring Bin Laden’s data within a protected secure system.
  • Linking Saudi Arabian Airlines with Jeddah airport for issuing e-tickets.
  • Integrated Telecommunication Company (ITC) projects.
  • Shumaisi’s Deportation city project.
  • National Guard housing project in the entire Kingdom.


Our Mission is to:
  • Discover new routes to improve our business.
  • Eliminate obstacles with a dedicated team that ensures having perfect results.


Our Vision is to:

  • Provide our customers with latest high-end knowledge.
  • Find solutions in order to create sustainable relationships.
  • Build trust through guiding the Commercial Companies forward.

Contact Us

deltausluge d.o.o.

Ćire Truhelke 19, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia

Tel. +385 1 38 98 021
Mob. +385 99 44 48 800




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